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Welcome to compits GmbH. My name is Matthias Engel­mayer and I am the CEO and founder of compits GmbH. I am the CEO and founder of compits GmbH. With my team of 20 consul­tants and techni­cians, we help compa­nies to act resource-effici­ently and sustain­ably while being aware of the respon­si­bi­lity we bear for our environment.

As a trained tourism profes­sional, I have travelled the world inten­si­vely and thus learned to appre­ciate the beauty of our planet and untouched nature. 20 years ago, this became my motiva­tion to combine my interests and my passion and finally to found an innova­tive company myself and to contri­bute to the preser­va­tion of our habitat with the earnings of my livelihood.

Year after year, millions of tons of e‑waste and parti­ally still functional IT devices, such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc…, are simply dumped on the rubbish tips of the poorest regions of the world. Overcon­sump­tion and throwaway strate­gies are harmful for all of us.

There­fore, we give these IT devices a second life and offer our custo­mers compre­hen­sive services, with the aim of also leaving a positive ecolo­gical and social footprint through our activi­ties. We, the employees of compits GmbH, have set ourselves the goal of making the concept of IT remar­ke­ting attrac­tive for both compa­nies and private custo­mers through experi­ence, commit­ment, service and advice.

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“As a family father, I want to leave the world like this for my two children, so that their children and their grand­children can still live a good life.”

CEO, Matthias Engelmayer


Our clients include small and medium-sized enter­prises as well as large corpo­ra­tions, the public sector, banks, insurance compa­nies, event and confe­rence organisers.

Indivi­dual compa­nies, start-ups or private indivi­duals, for whom quality and cost-effec­ti­ve­ness are important, also rely on our offer.