Cer­ti­fied recy­cling of defec­ti­ve old equip­ment & IT components

The best and most expen­si­ve devices ine­vi­ta­b­ly reach the end of their tech­no­lo­gi­cal life at some point or beco­me irrepa­ra­b­ly defec­ti­ve befo­re­hand and can the­re­fo­re no lon­ger be recy­cled. But even bro­ken data media that can no lon­ger be era­sed in a cer­ti­fied man­ner must be pro­per­ly des­troy­ed and dis­po­sed of in the inte­rest of data secu­ri­ty and out of envi­ron­men­tal responsibility.

Every year, mil­li­ons of tons of elec­tro­nic was­te end up in land­fills in Asia and Afri­ca. The recy­clab­le mate­ri­als are remo­ved without pro­tec­ti­ve clot­hing, and the rest pol­lu­tes the envi­ron­ment. We want to coun­ter­act this development. 

Through pro­per dis­po­sal with maxi­mum recy­cling will be:

Tons of was­te
avoided per year

Valu­able raw mate­ri­als recovered

Resour­ces and the envi­ron­ment are conserved 

Befo­re dis­po­sal, we ensu­re maxi­mum recy­c­la­bi­li­ty of all IT equip­ment and its com­pon­ents. Our tech­ni­ci­ans are spe­cia­li­sed in reco­vering spa­re parts and reu­sing them in defec­ti­ve equip­ment.

Only com­pon­ents of old equip­ment that are real­ly no lon­ger usable end up with our dis­po­sal partner.


The down­si­de of digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on is the immense ener­gy con­sump­ti­on and elec­tro­nic was­te that is pro­du­ced. Refur­bish­ment and lon­ger use of IT equip­ment and com­pon­ents has a posi­ti­ve impact on the envi­ron­men­tal and social footprint.

0 +
IT devices refurbished
tons of CO2 saved
0 %
of com­pon­ents recycled 
0 +
KG electri­cal scrap pro­fes­sio­nal­ly disposed


compits GmbH, as a lar­ge IT bro­ker, dis­po­ses of several ton­nes of no lon­ger usable old devices and IT com­pon­ents of its busi­ness part­ners every year. When it comes to dis­po­sal, we attach the grea­test impor­t­ance to working exclu­si­ve­ly with cer­ti­fied part­ners who recy­cle the equip­ment accord­in­gly and final­ly send it for dest­ruc­tion and dis­po­sal in a man­ner that is veri­fied to be in com­pli­an­ce with the regulations.

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