No longer new but still great

com­pits GmbH spe­cialis­es in cov­er­ing all IT equip­ment needs for the ini­tial acqui­si­tion or expan­sion of the already exist­ing IT land­scape, from PCs, mon­i­tors, (busi­ness) note­books to servers, beam­ers, print­ers, but also smart­phones. All indi­vid­ual com­po­nents and spare parts, con­nec­tors and key­boards can also be pur­chased inex­pen­sive­ly through our shops.


When sell­ing the used equip­ment, it is impor­tant to us to ensure opti­mum and, above all, safe recy­cling.


We at com­pits GmbH already pay atten­tion to a qual­i­ty and devel­op­ment stan­dard of the goods cor­re­spond­ing to the needs of a mod­ern IT land­scape in com­pa­nies when acquir­ing used equip­ment and IT com­po­nents. The con­di­tion of the used equip­ment and IT com­po­nents to be pur­chased is test­ed and ana­lyzed in a cer­ti­fied audit pro­ce­dure and an audit report is cre­at­ed for each indi­vid­ual device.

Data erasure

All data is com­plete­ly and irre­triev­ably delet­ed in cer­ti­fied data era­sure pro­ce­dures in accor­dance with the high­est inter­na­tion­al secu­ri­ty stan­dards.

All visu­al clues that could pro­vide infor­ma­tion about the pre­vi­ous own­er, such as ser­i­al num­bers and stick­ers, are removed.


The units are then tech­ni­cal­ly and visu­al­ly refur­bished and repaired if nec­es­sary.

Miss­ing, defec­tive or out­dat­ed indi­vid­ual com­po­nents are replaced. Final­ly, the units are pro­fes­sion­al­ly cleaned and dis­in­fect­ed.

Quality assurance

A prod­uct that has been in use but is com­plete­ly visu­al­ly and tech­ni­cal­ly obso­lete is thus returned to the mar­ket in new pack­ag­ing with qual­i­ty assur­ance.

The prod­uct can be pur­chased at a much low­er price than a new device and inte­grat­ed into an exist­ing IT land­scape.

Guaranteed high-quality business IT equipment

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